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What is NeuroDesigner Fire?

“NeuroDesigner-Fire is an EEG data visualization tool that processes, organizes, and stores EEG data imported from an EDF file. The EDF import is template driven so a custom number of channels can be imported and mapped to typical 10-20 system locations. NeuroDesigner-Fire has no dependencies on any other application other than an EDF file. The data generated from the EDF file is organized and stored in a database that is linked to the subject the recording was taken from. The data can easily be retrieved and used to generate various reports and visualizations. Z-scores are not currently implemented. ”

Ok, great, but what does the mean to me?

NeuroDesigner Fire (NDF) was created to quickly and easily generate the basic signal processing metrics of a typical EEG 10-20 recording. NDF offers a quick way to generate these common metrics that can then be used for analysis and protocol development without having to run an individual report for each metric. 


Save your recording an an EDF file (you can do this free with NF64).

Drop the EDF file in into NDF.

Analyze the results.

Much Like NeuroDesigner Earth (NDE), NDF stores the various metrics into a database that references a single recording. That means is that for each unique subject(client, patient) a set of recordings are available. Each with a set of metrics, so that at any time, the metrics from one recording can be compared to the metrics of another recording or multiple recordings.

Every subject(client, patient) has it own database. 

For example, Phil Jones is a subject, and an EEG is recorded from Phil and exported as an EDF file. The EDF file is then dropped into NDF under Phil and given a unique identifier. The metrics for that EDF file are then generated. If other recordings are taken from Phil, those recording are added to NDF under Phil. At anytime the metrics for Phil’s recordings can be compared with other recordings metrics from Phil or any another subject. 

Another example. If you were creating a study like “Does photo-modulation effect ADHD in adults”. You could group these recordings from several subjects and track trends or change for the entire group during the life of the study.

You could have thousands of subjects and recordings in the database.

Current metrics generated by NeuroDesigner Fire:

Montages: Linked Ears, Common Average Reference, Laplacian (nearest neighbor).

How do I get it?

NDF is a work in progress and about 70% complete. It will be added to the NeuroDesigner application in an upcomming release.



Additional software you will need to purchase.

None, If you have an amplifier and can export your edited recordings to an EDF file. You are good to go.