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This page will give you an overview of the essential features available in NeuroDesigner, an integrated analysis environment for NeuroGuide LORETA z-score and raw data. To dive deeper, check out our learn page and documentation.

What is NeuroDesigner?

NeuroDesigner is an application that imports EEG data from NeuroGuide files. Once the data is imported, it is available for analysis, presentation, reporting, and designing of neurofeedback training protocols. NeuroDesigner attends to the individual subject (client, patient) and keeps track of all information belonging to that specific subject and the time it was recorded. All the various types of information for each recording session are kept in a single database called a “recording”. These “recordings” can be compared or contrasted with each other to track changes or discover trends.

1. Database Driven.

2. Each subject can have multiple EEG recordings and data.

3. Visual. Data is presented graphically.

4. LORETA training protocols can be easily built, saved, edited and the results tracked.

5.  Quickly show areas of interest (SCL, networks) related to the Brodmann areas z-score values.

6. Various graphic presentations for each recording can be shown side by side with other recordings to visualize change or difference


Surface Summary: Displays an interactive summary of the surface metrics for both Raw and Z-score.

LORETA FFT: Displays the most deviant voxel information by frequency for LORETA data and orders the results by Brodmann regions of interest.

LORETA Protocol Creation: Tool for selecting the Brodmann areas by metric for the inclusion in a neurofeedback training protocol.

LORETA ROI Report: Displays metrics and descriptive statistics contained within selected ROI for a specific recording. The report can be printed or exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

3D Brain: The 3D Anatomical Brain displays various anatomical brain locations. The graphic can be rotated and zoomed and individual anatomical locations may be highlighted with a description of the area.

Protocol Editor: The Protocol Editor allows you to create, save, edit, and export LORETA protocol designs for use with NeuroGuide LORETA training.

ROI Editor: Utility to edit, visualize, and create new Brodmann regions of interest. 


Additional software you will need to purchase.

This version of the NeuroDesigner requires the use of Neuroguide Z-Score software that can be purchased through In order to proceed with using the NeuroDesigner application, you will need to purchase the following Neuroguide software modules from Applied Neuroscience:

• [NG] Neuroguide Basic
• [LOR] LORETA Current Density Normative Database
• [NF2] 3-Dimensional LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback Add-on
• [LCP] LORETA Coherence and Phase Normative Database Add-on. Note: This product is only required if you want to import the Neuroguide      Absolute Power, Coherence, and Phase (.tdt).
• [LPR] LORETA Phase Reset Normative Database Add-on. Note: This product is only required if you want to import the Neuroguide Phase Metrics (.tdt) LORETA Z score data into NeuroDesigner

A NeuroDesigner license is currently $795 per computer

NeuroDesigner is going through some significant updates and modifications and is not presently available for purchase. Thank you for your patience and your interest in NeuroDesigner.