Update Notes 1/7/2019-7/28/2019

7-28-1019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Fixed DirectX issue with 3D Brain

6-13-2019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Added 3D Brain Viewer to Visualization menu
Fixed ROI Editor where BA20 is added without selecting it.

5-21-2019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Updated Surface Maps.

5-6-2019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Added NeuroGuide surface summary to the recording menu.

4-20-2019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Updated 3D Summary 10-20 location label colors to give better contrast when switching themes.

3-21-1019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Fixed Protocol Creator issue with showing hippocampus and amygdala locations.

2-12-1019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Updated “Add new Subject” form with a “Clear button”
Fixed “Import All” problem with NeuroGuide Subject Database import
2-6-2019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Added a report to the ROI Editor that shows the list of BA’s for the selected ROI and BA Info.
Added a calculator under the Utilities tab.
Fixed and issue where Brain Avatar recordings being added to the NeuroGuide report queue.

1-21-1019 NeuroDesigner Earth v

Added a “Create CSV” button to FFT Summary.
Fixed – Threshold count report not updating the subjuct list when the “Clear All” button is clicked.
Fixed – Import NeuroGuide Subject Database failing when import record has no date.

1-15-2019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Changes to the 3D Summary – You dont need to click on the “Refresh Button” every time you change the view, only when you change threshold values. Added the option of clicking on the descriptive stats to send the value to the threshold. Changed the Layout to allow for a smaller window. 
NG and BA import
Cleaned up the interface and fixed a date bug.

1-7-2019 NeuroDesigner – Earth v

Added Word Processor and Diagraming tools to Reports menu.
Added a “Create ROI” to FFT Summary.
Added the ability to change location for storing subject recordings.
Changed subject editing.
Fixed Date/Time format for non-us versions.
Updated Users-guide.
Fixed NeuroGuide subject database import.
Fixed not being able to add NeuroDesigner icon to system tray.
Added Version Info to “About” Menu.