NeuroDesigner Fire

Introducing NeuroDesigner® – Fire  (Pre-Release)

Discovering and visualizing patterns in EEG data

NeuroDesigner-Fire is an experimental EEG data visualization tool that processes, organizes, and stores EEG data imported from an EDF file. The EDF import is template driven so a user determined number of channels can be imported and mapped to typical 10-20 system locations.

NeuroDesigner-Fire has no dependencies on any other application other than an EDF file, and includes its own independently crafted EDF, EEG signal processing and sLORETA code library’s.

I wrote NDF to help me with the basic signal processing. I needed a quick way to generate multiple type of metrics for trend analysis and data mining.

  1. Create a simple EDF file import utility because most EEG acquisition applications will export an EDF file after it has been filtered and edited.
  2. Perform the typical surface transformations from the raw data with a standard mathematical approach.
  3. Store all metrics in a database for easy retrieval.
  4. Generate LORETA and sLORETA CSD voxel values for a 3D perspective.
  5. Generate graphics presentations for surface data.

Some of you might want to follow along and play with the application. Perhaps even offering suggestion and point out issues and bugs. For the time being the application if free to play with. 

If I have not recieved any feedback by 9/30,I  will assume may remove the application.