About Us

Meet Neuro Mistress

Hello All ~

My name is Marcie Cramer, aka: Neuro Mistress. I am the non technical, friendly voice of NeuroDesigner. I am also responsible for most of the non technical copy on the web site. I mean, obviously, even though they are ALL true, Phil would not write these things about himself. Heck, it was a battle just to get him to let me post it!

Additionally, I am here in the capacity of liaison for sales, communications, non technical questions and any other way I can be of assistance to you. Feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions about how to purchase any of Phil’s products, any concerns with past purchases, concerns with billing, or just to say hello. You can always reach me through our Facebook page or via the contact page.

Meet Phil Jones

Most days for 10 hours or more, Phil Jones can be found at his computer writing new and exciting software for the Neurofeedback community. Even since childhood, Phil has been intrigued with the brain, its purpose, how it functions, its complexity and complications, what is unconsciousness and consciousness, and how those facets impact our daily lives. These questions sparked an unquenchable fascination for Phil that he still revels in today.

In 2008 he was introduced to Neurofeedback and his passion found a clearly defined trajectory that allowed him to marry his inherent technical talent for writing software and his fascination with the brain’s functionality in order to assist clinicians in their ability to help others. He is deeply hopeful you will find his software very helpful in your day to day Neurofeedback experiences. He is excited for you to explore all the plentiful options, opportunities and abilities, that his software has to offer.

Phil is aware that in the past some may have viewed him as intimidating or reticent to connect. And while it is true that he is an introvert at heart, you can trust me when I tell you that he very much wants to be available to offer guidance if you feel even a little bit unsure of how to get the most our of your software purchase. The best ways to get Phil’s attention (and mine) with technical questions, feedback, discoveries and of course compliments 🙂 are either through our Facebook page NeuroDesigner or through the coming NeuroDesigner forum. And of course you can always reach Phil via the contact page. Happy NeuroDesigning!

Our Practice

To learn more about us as a practice, please visit http://centerforthehealingarts.com/.